Mobility Cup 2019 Volunteer Activities


Committee Start Date



In place



In place

NCASA treasurer and NSC administrator

Race Committee

In place

Protest Committee

In place


May, 2018

This requires strategies to approach individual donors and company sponsors. Brochure already developed (see website). Government granting proposals submitted.

Volunteer coordinator

June, 2018

To coordinate pre-, syn- and post-regatta volunteer tasks


June, 2018

Requires a check to ensure local hotels have accessible room accommodations

Clothing & Regalia

June, 2018

Registrants and volunteers will get knapsacks, shirts, baseball caps, water bottles and disposable rain ponchos


June 2018

1st,2nd and 3rd place for Gold and Silver Fleets, prizes for the volunteers


September, 2018

Line up media representation in both official languages

Food and Social

September, 2018

Coordinate with NSC and BYC managers to organize breakfasts, lunches, opening reception, banquet and BBQ


January, 2019

Coordinate with Paratranspo for shuttle service to and from hotels, other accommodations and evening events.

Opening and closing ceremonies

October, 2018

Need to approach municipal, provincial and federal politicians to be involved in ceremonies. Also possible major co-host if found

Yard and launch and load

March, 2019

Coordinate CN trailer drop-off and pick-ups, unloading and masting boats, and reloading trailers. Flat bed tow truck rental and coordination.

Dock coordination and assistance

March, 2019

Daily coordination of sailors and companions to ensure timely departures and arrivals (especially at the lift stations)

Boat maintenance and repair

March, 2019

There are always boats that arrive ill-prepared and minor collisions etc. during the race week. A reasonable number of spare parts will be on hand plus fiberglass repair kits

Safety committee

March, 2019

Ensure a safe and accessible environment for the yard and clubhouse facilities. Coordinate on-water safety.

Outdoor facilities

September, 2018

Evaluate and acquire marquis and accessible portable toilet rentals to be established in the NSC yard